Why Reclaimed Wood?

February 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Reclaimed wood adds instant soul and personality to any space. If your idea of beauty is ‘flawless’ wood devoid of character, personality and history – you’ve come to the wrong place. If however, your idea of beautiful wood embraces history and character, welcome to the candy store.

Beauty – Nail holes, bolt holes, seasoning checks, weathering and other character enriches and enhances wood’s natural beauty.

History & Character – In addition to beauty, the character inherent in reclaimed wood also testifies to its unique heritage. The history is there for the eye to see and appreciate.

Stability & Durability – Because it was harvested and milled decades ago, reclaimed wood offers a stability unavailable in new, even kiln-dried, wood. Because it is mostly dense-grain, old-growth material, reclaimed wood is harder and more durable than new lumber, which often contains sapwood, is less dense because it comes from younger trees, contains larger & looser knots, a higher moisture content and is more prone to warping/twisting/bending.

Sustainability – By reclaiming old wood, especially old-growth hardwoods, Sileka offsets the demand for new lumber. The use of reclaimed wood helps preserve the world’s remaining forests. It also offsets emissions associated with the logging, transportation, processing and milling of new wood.

The reclamation of old wood also helps divert millions of tons of wood from the world’s waste streams, landfills and burn piles.

The environmental advantages of reclaimed wood, combined with the structural and aesthetic advantages, make it a unique and precious resource. Sileka is dedicated to promoting and preserving this resource.

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